Engineering Rates & Policies

For Audio Engineering sessions during Audio Tracking in the studio

Engineering: $150/hr.

Arrive a minimum of 1/2 hour prior to session to set up if allowed by studio. Track entire session as booked by the artist while ensuring every take is at its best quality. Rates are per the hour with a 3 hours minimum.

Lite Mixing Rates & Policies

For basic Mixing of already Recorded Audio

Analysis and adjustment for gain, pan EQ, reverb and more all available in convenient packages (per song).

Up to 8 Track Lite Mix: $50/ song

Up to 8 tracks (average for vocal mixing over a stereo instrumental file... or sometimes a 1-track audio repair/ cleanup)

*1 revision included

Up to 16 Track Lite Mix: $75/ song

9 to 16 tracks (Typical size of a basic vocal & instrument song mix)

*2 revisions included


Up to 24 Track Lit Mix: $100/ song

17 to 24 tracks (a more robust vocal & instrument song mix)

*2 revision included

Additional cost beyond24 tracks


Add-On: Radio Edit (Clean): $30-$60 each

Need to replace profanity with silence, delays or sound fx to make it more radio friendly? No problem. Cost varies on#of edits needed.


Additional Revisions: $20 each

Need to make some changes to your mix beyond the included number of revisions for your mix package? you can!


Add-On: Mixed Multi-Tracks: $15 each

Where the individual .wav files for each track are provided with the mix effects in place.


Note: Songs over 6 minutes may cost more. 1 .wav & 1 mp3 included in pricing. This doesn't include track arrangement/ alignment. If additional editing is needed to correct tracking errors, we will communicate that with you and what additional cost would be before we start the process. There is no bulk deals on multiple songs being mixed due to the amount of work that goes into each song. However if those songs are then mastered by us a 20% discount may apply.

*Additional fees may apply for rush services.

Mastering Rates & Policies

For mastering of Mixed Audio

Add polish to your mix and make sure it's loudness and quality rival today's commercial hits and with us, volume is guaranteed.


1-2 Songs: $50 each

Rate for the first 1-2 songs mastered in one session.


3-5 Songs: $45 each

Rate for the next 3-5 songs mastered in one session.

6-10 Songs: $40 each

Rate for the next 6-10 songs mastered in one session.

11+ Songs: $ Contact us for quote

Rate for 11 or more songs mastered in one session.

NOTE: 1 mastered .wav & 1 mastered mp3 included in pricing. Additional fees may apply for rushed service.

*20% Discount available for mastering on songs mixed by us!

*Requirements: Not just any song can be qualified for iTunes Mastering, your recordings must be in at least 24-bit uncompressed audio format, such as 24-bit/ 96kHz sample rate *.wav format,. You cannot up convert a lower bit rate and sample rate, if you do iTunes will automatically dismiss your submission. So if your song is already completed and doesn't meet the requirements then you need to go with our industry standard Mastering, which will also give you a great result. If you haven't started recording and wanted to have your song(s) Mastered for iTunes then you will need to be using an audio interface and DAW that supports at least 24-bit 96kHz sample rate.