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What Makes Us 'DIFFERENT'

Not every recording artist necessarily needs a recording label but, they could use some help to professionally produce, mix, master or even simply release their music in the right way. We at War Bonnet Entertainment Group, llc (WBEGllc) believe that it is  important to let the  creator create. It is YOUR project, YOUR creation after all.

Unlike most we are artist minded and not catalog based. Not every season artist is a star because of a large discography nor is an unsigned artist a nonsuccess because this is his/ her first single. We focus on the person behind the voice. We're in the business to bring the story that YOU the artist wants to portray to the audience through YOUR musical expression. We understand YOU are feeling a vast amount of emotions and experiences when creating and how difficult it can be to paint the auditory picture. It's our job to help YOU translate that to the audience.

Needless to say, we take great care  in creating the most adequate and inspiring atmosphere in each and every production to walk the audience side by side with that YOU in YOUR expression.

Because no matter how you word it, we at War Bonnet Entertainment Group, llc makes it all about YOU

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